Time Management

Time & Attendance

A workforce management system that provides the ability to track attendance plans, time worked, shifts, project costs and expenses with online review and approvals that can be integrated with a variety of bio-metric hardware devices.

Workforce Management

Attendance Plans, Shifts, Projects & Expenses

You can configure unlimited attendance plans, multiple shift schedules, projects, tasks and expenses. The ability to define project teams with individual responsibilities means that you can track cost allocation by employee at a very granular level. Expense tracking means that users can upload receipts and attach them to their online expense statement for submission to management for review and approval for an almost paperless process.

Online Requests & Approvals

Submissions & Approvals of Time Worked

You get multi-level approvals of time worked with escalation and automatic transfer to payroll which will significantly improve business processes for time management throughout the enterprise.

Time & Project Tracking

Unlimited Projects & Timesheets

You can finally allow employees to access their timesheets from anywhere and enter time worked and expenses incurred by individual project and task for supervisor approval. Upon approval information is automatically transmitted to payroll or accounting.

Rules-based Operation

Define Rules, Policy & Procedures

You get to define organization-specific rules, policy and procedures to ensure that the system meets your needs such as overtime, shift schedule templates, blocked off time, cut-off dates, pay runs and more.

Expense Statement

An online expense statement application that allows organizations to automate and streamline the submission, approval and accounting of business travel expenses and reduces costs by over 80%.

Online Submissions & Statements

Online Submissions & Statements

You can allow employees to enter, manage and submit expense statements on demand from anywhere at anytime. Users can specify the type of expense, allocation based on the company’s GL, the project and task on which the expense was incurred, the expense’s currency, notes and much more.

Expense Approvals & Accounting

Auto Notify Supervisor of Required Approvals

Supervisors and managers automatically receive notification of pending expense approvals either via email or private messaging. By clicking and following the embedded link in the email or private messaging, the supervisor can access the submitted expense statement and approve or reject and the employee is notified in either event.

Integration With Financial Systems

Allocate & Post Expenses Automatically

You can eliminate guessing about which account to allocate expenses to because of integration with the company’s financial systems.

Our Client's Reviews

I can't tell you how much easier this system is versus our previous system from a major payroll vendor.

Peggy P.
Medical Devices Company

HR Director fits all the needs of our organization ranging from housing basic personal information to creating multiple positions per employee, to report building. The ASL team is always there to support your needs.

Stanley S.
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital

ASL provides an easy to use software that provides flexibility for our HR needs. They are very cooperative and supportive of our needs.

Rachel P. & Lyne M.
Centre de santé communautaire de l'Estrie

It’s been very nice working with ASL. You’ve taught me so much... Things I never thought I’d be able to do and enjoy..

Verna S.
Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Absolutely one of the best HR Technology platforms I've worked with in the last 10 years.

Marcia J.
Toshiba Canada

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