Talent Management

Performance Management

One solution for organizations with global requirements to manage standardized, workflow-based performance assessments in multiple languages securely.

Traditional & New Processes

Support for Scheduled and Continuous Performance Processes

You have the freedom to support both traditional or scheduled reviews or newer continuous performance processes. Scheduled reviews can be opened and closed at specific times during the year for quarterly, semi-annual and annual reviews. With the continuous processes you can allow managers and employees to independently update information on an on-going basis and eliminate issues related to missed feedback and course corrections.

Manage Goals & Objectives

Use any Competency Framework to Manage Roadblocks & Achievements

You can continuously manage online performance by defining organizational goals and objectives as well as managing employees’ achievements, key milestones and challenges or roadblocks.

Align Goals With Business Objectives

Collaborate in Realtime for Improved Engagement

You can increase employee engagement and better align employee goals with the company’s objectives increasing productivity and ultimately profitability.

Flexible Workflow, Reporting & Analytics

Auto Rollout of Reviews With Notifications & Reporting

You can allow users to configure workflows, unlimited forms, competencies, ratings, weighting and more. Users can also print status, exception, audit and standard reports such as Performance Assessment Forms.

Compensation Planning

One solution for managing employment budgeting and planning in multiple languages and currencies in a secured, audited, environment.

Secured Plans & Cycles

Manage Unlimited Cycles, Budgets, Participants & More

You can define unlimited cycles with unlimited compensation plans in any currency. Cycles can include effective start and cut-off dates, budgets, company performance multipliers and more. In addition, you can specify which managers and employees may participate in specific cycles. In this way, organizations can better control and streamline compensation processes.

Pay for Performance

Improve Top & Bottom Line Results

You get to improve your top and bottom line and achieve financial results in the best way possible according to a recent survey of senior executives globally.

Create a High-Performance Workforce

Reward Top Performers & Align Employee Goals With Company Objectives

Rewarding top performers on meeting individual objectives and organizational metrics creates a high performance culture. Not only does it help to increase employee engagement but it also helps to better align employee goals with the company’s objectives increasing productivity and ultimately profitability.

Improve Budgeting and Transparency

Realtime Spend vs Budget Analysis

You can manage budgets based on organizational performance and ensure that managers adhere to their individual budgets by allowing them to do unlimited ‘what-if’ analyses in any currency. The ability for managers to see budget vs. spend data in real-time and their ability to see how changes in merit increases, adjustments and bonuses impact their allocated budge is invaluable.

Succession Planning

One solution that helps organizations to correctly identify high achievers and minimize the loss of key high achiever employees and leaders and the resulting business disruption.

Identify High-Potential Employees

Define Talent Pools & Key Employees

You can define unlimited talent pools for critical as well as non-critical jobs to identify qualified employees using standardized 9-Box grids that can be user-configured for your organization. Drill-down capability allows HR and talent managers to review each high-potential employee for competencies, readiness, risks and more.

Predictive & Actionable Insights

Utilize AI & Predictive Analytics to Identify Business Risks

You can use sophisticated, proven, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence models to look into the future and identify business risks based on organizational behavior, individual psychology, demography, market forces, risk appetite and more. You can not only identify risks but also see the underlying causes and potential impact.

Business & Leadership Continuity

Determine Critical Talent Gaps

You can use interactive, real-time, charts and graphs to quickly share strategic talent plans with managers and executives to identify critical talent gaps even before they occur.

Talent Transparency

Remove Manager Bias for Best-fit Employees

You get the ability to match an individual’s skills and capabilities to suitable positions to enable success which is crucial and extremely important to Millennial’s and Gen. Z. Talent pools allow high achiever employees to be tracked and developed. Development plans may be created to identify gaps and the learning required for career success. You can assess bench strength throughout the organization so that you can almost guarantee success.

Our Client's Reviews

I can't tell you how much easier this system is versus our previous system from a major payroll vendor.

Peggy P.
Medical Devices Company

HR Director fits all the needs of our organization ranging from housing basic personal information to creating multiple positions per employee, to report building. The ASL team is always there to support your needs.

Stanley S.
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital

ASL provides an easy to use software that provides flexibility for our HR needs. They are very cooperative and supportive of our needs.

Rachel P. & Lyne M.
Centre de santé communautaire de l'Estrie

It’s been very nice working with ASL. You’ve taught me so much... Things I never thought I’d be able to do and enjoy..

Verna S.
Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Absolutely one of the best HR Technology platforms I've worked with in the last 10 years.

Marcia J.
Toshiba Canada

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