Talent Aquisition

Applicant Tracking

An end-to-end solution for your organization to manage the entire recruitment process from job posting and candidate screening to scheduling interviews and producing job offers for qualified personnel.

End-to-End Recruitment​

Job Postings, Screenings, Interviews & Job Offers

You can post jobs directly from the HRMS for internal and external publication. Define your own knock-out questions and screening criteria to limit the number of qualified candidates and allow unlimited numbers of hiring managers to review and comment on candidates. Hiring managers can schedule and conduct online
interviews to further refine the pool of candidates. HR can create and deliver job offers to candidates for online signoff.

Collaborative Learning

Applicant Resumes, Applications, Tests, Interviews and More

You get the ability to post jobs to your organization’s careers site as well as social media channels and allow applicants to self-register and apply for jobs. Applicants can submit resumes, apply for multiple jobs, review screening questions and respond to scheduled interviews.

Configurable Recruitment Workflow

Define Required Data, Screening Questions, Alerts & More

You can define hiring managers, screening questions, required employment data, setup auto-responders, alerts and even create standardized offer letters that may be signed off online to streamline the entire process from posting jobs to job offer acceptance.​

Integrated with Onboarding & HRMS

Automatic Transfer of New Hires to Onboarding

You can automatically transfer all relevant new employee data from Applicant Tracking into the Onboarding and HRMS with no manual data entry upon hiring the applicant. This allows you to increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the entire recruitment and onboarding process especially for large volumes of new employees.


One solution for global employee onboarding that helps you to make employees productive from day one while reinforcing your brand and creating a positive impression for new hires.

Integrate With Any ATS

Automatic Transfer of New Hire Data

You can use available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate virtually any Applicant Tracking System with Onboarding so that as soon as your job offer is accepted all requisite new hire data flows automatically into Onboarding.

Eliminate Missing Documentation

Collect, Acknowledge & Signoff Documents

You get the ability to route requisite paperwork and other documentation to new employees even before they start work and enable collection, acknowledgement, signoff and data capture electronically. Improve efficiency and productivity by minimizing downtime at hire.

Global Support

Create Multi-jurisdictional Workflow

Onboard employees in virtually any language while complying with local regulations. You can use pre-built global processes and simplify your operations.

Unlimited User-defined Processes

Define Onboarding Workflow in Any Language

You can create and manage unlimited onboarding processes to support country or regional differences and ensure regulatory compliance at the Federal, State, Provincial or Territorial level in any language. Processes can include unlimited steps and support multiple document types.

Integrate With Any HRMS

Automatic Transfer of Employee Data

You get an Onboarding system that will integrate with both your Applicant Tracking and HR Management Systems so that new hire information is preserved without the need for redundant or manual data entry. Download completed documents directly from the system’s document vault.

Our Client's Reviews

I can't tell you how much easier this system is versus our previous system from a major payroll vendor.

Peggy P.
Medical Devices Company

HR Director fits all the needs of our organization ranging from housing basic personal information to creating multiple positions per employee, to report building. The ASL team is always there to support your needs.

Stanley S.
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital

ASL provides an easy to use software that provides flexibility for our HR needs. They are very cooperative and supportive of our needs.

Rachel P. & Lyne M.
Estrie Community Health Center

It’s been very nice working with ASL. You’ve taught me so much... Things I never thought I’d be able to do and enjoy..

Verna S.
Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Absolutely one of the best HR Technology platforms I've worked with in the last 10 years.

Marcia J.
Toshiba Canada

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