Human Capital Management


Complete employee info on 1 unified platform coupled with real, actionable insights from anywhere at anytime on any device.​

Support for Global Operations​

Multi-Lingual/Country/Currency System​

Out-of-the-box you get a solution that supports multiple languages, currencies and countries as well as regional regulations such as USMCA and the European Union. In addition, you can configure organization-specific rules and terminology so that the system fits your business needs.

Role-based Security & Multi-factor Authentication

Unlimited Roles & Definition With Multi-Level Data Security

You can create unlimited user roles with as sophisticated as needed security profiles. As many roles as needed may be assigned to unlimited users to support the broadest base of users. For additional security, use multi-factor authentication (MFA) using One Time Passwords (OTP) from apps such as Google and Microsoft Authenticator.

Admin Tools & Wizards​

Wizards to Automate Repetitive Tasks

You can use a number of tools or wizards to automate and schedule repetitive tasks for as many or as few employees as needed. Wizards ranging from simple mass updates to complex ones such as Organizational Change can help administrators to streamline tasks.

Comprehensive & Configurable

All-Inclusive Modules Out-of-the-Box

You get 1 version of reality so 1 set of complete, accurate, details for all employees from #HireToRetire. Information such as jobs, pay, benefits, performance, succession and more.

Rules-based Operation

Configure Company & Regulatory Policy

You can define simple and complex organizational rules and policies to support standardized operations with respect for regional differences. Define routing, submissions and approvals, leave and benefits policy and more.

Secure Workflow

Built-In Alerts & Reminders

Automated workflow includes requests, changes, approvals, secure alerts, reminders and more to keep users informed and engaged. Using existing workflows means that you don’t need to create them but can simply use them out-of-the-box with minimal configuration.

Reporting & Analytics

Standard Ready-to-Run & Unlimited User-Defined Reports With a Report Builder

Users get standard, pre-built, ready-to-run reports and dashboards with a click. These standard reports cover all functional areas and include security and audit reports for administrators. Because each report includes a number of variable criteria, users can generate an unlimited variety of these reports covering jobs, departments, divisions, geographical locations, companies etc. For those users requiring more configuration and flexibility, a Report Builder is available to allow them to create unlimited user-defined, custom, reports without the need for any technical skills. The Report Builder uses a step-by-step wizard to guide users through the report creation process.

Self Service

An all-in-one turnkey solution for employee, manager or executive self-service that’s integrated with our global HRMS for realtime information and collaboration regardless of location, language or device used.

Realtime Collaboration

Secure InMail and My Announcements

You get the ability for employees to manage their own data, work collectively on teams and take action with our Self-Service system-of-engagement approach and minimize HR workload. Using the system’s InMail messaging and My Announcements functionality means all communications are secure and free of phishing scams that can plague HR teams. One-to-one and many-to-many messaging in realtime with underlying audit means that all messages can be tracked.

Pre-built Workflow Processes

Standard Workflows for TimeOff, Learning, Changes and More

You get out-of-the-box workflow processes such as timeoff and learning requests and approvals that are routed automatically to the appropriate individuals. You can also define your own workflow processes to control access to and use of the solution.

Employment Verification

Integrated Tools with Credit Reporting Agencies

Employers can automatically deploy consent-based, online, employment verification at no cost to anyone. Using integration with third-party Credit Reporting Agencies means that employees no longer need to request verification letters from HR and financial institutions no longer need to question the authenticity of these verifications since they can get online approvals in minutes.

Manage Personal & Dependent Data

Employees Can Serve Themselves and Increase HR Efficiency

Users can access as much information as deployed by administrators because self-service is completely configurable by employers. Depending upon the functionality assigned to various roles and depending upon the user’s role, users can review, update and change work, personal, dependent, emergency data and more as well as make requests for timeoff, learning, benefits and any other functionality present.

View Postings, Pay, Performance

Review Internal Postings Online, View Pay Statements, Complete Reviews and More

Employees can view and apply for internal or external job postings, access pay statements for multiple periods and years and input into performance plans jointly with supervisors. They can also review development plans and competencies for desired jobs and evaluate their readiness for promotions among other things.

HR Portal

An integrated solution that allows service organizations such as PEOs, ASOs, TPAs and others to digitally enable their businesses and work more easily with employees, partners, customers and suppliers.

Multi-company Portals

Allow PEOs, TPAs, ASPs and Others to Digitally Enable Their Businesses Using Templates

You can allow authorized users to post and maintain portal content for unlimited employers and their employees. Using a template approach new companies can be quickly added with pre-set rules, policy and more.

Online Business Processes

Standardized Workflows for Each Employer’s Employees

You get the ability to provide Self-Service and dramatically improve productivity for each employer. In this way, organizations can digitally-enable their business and more easily work with employees, partners, customers and suppliers.

Document Management

Document Management for Each Employer and Each Employee

You can enable document management in multiple areas for each employer. Manage company policy documents, job offers, NDAs, Non-compete Agreements and more. For employees, you can capture and manage unlimited text-based documents and audio and video files to support compliance, union negotiations, grievances and disciplinary control as well required medical documents which can be secured to only allow specialized access.

Content Curation

Curate Specialized Content Such as Policy Manuals for Each Employer

Administrators can curate employer-specific content for employee usage. Content can be based on internal organizational information such as policies and procedures or on external information such as regional legislation, standards and notices so that users can be informed and aware of their responsibilities. The ability for employees to easily have access to a variety of information means that employers can easily create an information-rich portal.


A complete payroll solution for organizations in Canada. For organizations with international payroll requirements, the HRMS integrates with various international pay systems to allow for a single global solution.

Realtime & Integrated With HRMS

Unlimited Pay Runs and Audits Can Be Done at Anytime

You get comprehensive Timesheets that facilitate the capture of time worked, rates, leave and vacation accruals. Automatic calculation of all retroactive pay is hassle-free since the system captures all work history, job distributions, rates, effective increase dates and more so that no manual calculations are needed.

Payroll Compliance

Tax and Remittance Reports & Payments as well as Transactions for Financial Systems

You get Automatic calculation of all federal, provincial and territorial taxes including Tax, CPP and EI with up-to-date tax rates and withholding limits. In addition, tax remittance services allow you to eliminate costly errors.

Electronic Filing

Submit Provincial, State & Federal Payments, Employment Records and Year-End Filings

You get electronic filing of ROE’s, T4’s, T4A’s, RL-1s, Canada Savings Bonds and more and eliminate cumbersome paper-based transactions that can become a major liability.

Local & Global Payroll

A Single Global HR Database Drives Unlimited Local and Global Payrolls

Using a single, global, database means that organizations can run unlimited payrolls, in any currency, for any country or jurisdiction by capturing and providing the required data for gross-to-net pay processing, compliance and year-end activities. In addition, the system supports split payrolls for expatriate employees to be paid in home and host country currencies with complex functionality such as guaranteed net pay.

Benefits Administration

An online system for configuring and managing flexible benefits plans, rules, eligibility, enrollment, workflow and annual maintenance that allows you to respond faster to employee requests thereby increasing satisfaction and overall morale.

Benefits Administration

Manage Group & Flexible Plans, Rules, Eligibility and Maintenance

Benefits adminsitrators can configure the system to easily support multiple benefits programs and policies. Administrators can define unlimited insurers, providers and programs such as group, flexible, and spending accounts. In addition, they can define individual plans such as healthcare, life, dental, vision and more. Configuration includes the ability to define unlimited benefit plan formulae, eligibility, contribution splits and taxation among other variables.

Benefits Portal

Employees Can View Provider Information, Policy & Rules, Review Costs and More

You get the ability to integrate enrollment, benefits provider information, policy and rules. Users can perform unlimited “what if” scenarios to determine the best suite of benefits for their particular situation. The system automatically calculates all premium costs, tax implications and allows users to stop and resume when desired without losing any information.

Online Enrollment

Allow Employees to Enroll, Select Options, Determine Costs and Respond to Life Events

You can manage flexible benefits plans, rules and eligibility, enrollment, configuration, workflow and annual maintenance. In addition, support is provided for managing multiple benefits years concurrently so that a new year’s rules may be configured even though the current year is still in progress and employees are making status changes, enrolling and more.


Manage Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Plans, Enrollment & Pension Payroll

You get benefits integrated with an end-to-end Pension Administration solution that runs the gamut from defining unlimited plan types such as Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit to enrollment and pension payroll.

HR Analytics

A dashboarding system that allows HR, executives, middle managers, line managers and employees to visualize how their actions are impacting overall business performance on demand. By understanding the linkage between their objectives, measures and organizational strategy, an employee can take immediate corrective action before it is too late.

Graphical Dashboards

Create Unlimited Dashboards to Understand Linkage Between Strategy, Objectives and Measures

Users can easily create as many graphical dashboards as needed to better understand how their actions are linked to the organizations mission and strategy. Dashboards can create unlimited sections that combine historical metrics as well as predictors of future results. By utilizing pre-built metrics and predictors, users do not need to be data scientists but can see, in realtime, the results of their actions. A variety of approaches such as a Balanced Scorecard methodology may be utilized that best fits with the organizations approach.

Improve Business Performance

Monitor Recruitment, Compensation, Succession and Turnover Factors

You get the ability to monitor the impact of recruitment factors such as time-to-hire and quality-of-hire; compensation factors such as performance pay and overtime; turnover factors such as vacancies and succession and much more to improve business outcomes now.

Turn Data Into Knowledge

Allow HR, Executives, Managers and Employees to Get Timely Knowledge Graphically

You can provide the ability for human resources, executives, middle managers and employees to get timely knowledge on factors affecting them and the organization twice as fast at half the cost of older Business Intelligence tools.

Pre-built Metrics & Predictors

Metrics and Predictors Can Be Included Easily on Unlimited Dashboards

You can provide users with insight and knowledge to maintain performance with the use of standard metrics and predictors for key business indicators that can be included easily on unlimited dashboards.

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Our Client's Reviews

I can't tell you how much easier this system is versus our previous system from a major payroll vendor.

Peggy P.
Medical Devices Company

HR Director fits all the needs of our organization ranging from housing basic personal information to creating multiple positions per employee, to report building. The ASL team is always there to support your needs.

Stanley S.
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital

ASL provides an easy to use software that provides flexibility for our HR needs. They are very cooperative and supportive of our needs.

Rachel P. & Lyne M.
Centre de santé communautaire de l'Estrie

It’s been very nice working with ASL. You’ve taught me so much... Things I never thought I’d be able to do and enjoy..

Verna S.
Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Absolutely one of the best HR Technology platforms I've worked with in the last 10 years.

Marcia J.
Toshiba Canada

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