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API For Developers & Resellers

ASL allows Developers and Resellers to integrate any internal or external 3rd party applications with its software solutions. Developers can create complementary applications in virtually any language and business area and utilize data from the ASL HR Director data store. Our Application Programming Interface is a RESTful API that provides secure, authenticated, access to employees, users, organizational data, audit information and more.

Since data security is of primary importance, the Web Service is secured via SSL using HTTPS. In addition, access will only be allowed from known, and approved, customer and partner IP addresses to further secure and prevent unauthorized access to the HR data store.

The Web Service utilizes Javascript Object Notation – Web Services Protocol (JSON-WSP) for its ease of readability for software developers as well as lay people. It includes a number of methods to allow access to:

  • Security information
  • User-defined configuration data
  • Payroll & pay period data
  • Employee service & biographical data
  • Employee list
  • Benefits data

The structure of the API documentation is in a request and response format. Data elements referenced in any request or response will be mapped to specific tables and fields in the HR data store to aid in 3rd party software development.

For more information, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.

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