Our solutions are used by organizations as diverse as 50-employee companies and Fortune 500 corporations. They understand the benefits of proven information technology solutions that are implemented quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Industries We Serve

• Manufacturing           • Airline & Transportation
• Public Sector                 • Financial Services & 
• Retail                                     Insurance
                    •Technology                    • Food & Beverage 
 • Utilities                                 • Healthcare
• IT Services

Manufacturing & Retail

Learn how a major manufacturer and retailer of home furnishings in Canada automated it’s Time & Attendance Management and deployed an integrated solution with ASL’s HRMS, Time Management and Payroll to significantly improve organizational profitability.

Financial Services & Insurance

Discover how one of Canada’s leading Insurance providers integrated internal systems with ASL’s HRMS and Self-Service solution to deliver real time information and knowledge to HR, Leadership and employees in 100’s of locations.

Consumer Products

Examine the rationale, goals, and successes of one of the world’s most successful Consumer Products companies as they integrate and deploy ASL’s HRMS solution to provide superior reporting, analytics and decision-making for management and Self-Service to their workforce.

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