Compliance / Regulatory

For organizations operating in Canada and globally, it is critical that there is an understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to their employees. Listed below are a number of resources to help you understand the various compliance requirements that impact employers globally.


UK           National Labour Law
France     Labour Law
Germany    National Labour Law
Spain      National Labour Law
Finland     National Labour Law

Middle-East & Africa

UAE             Labour Law
Qatar            Labour Law
Saudi Arabia        Labour Law
Oman             Employment Law
Bahrain            Employment Law
Kuwait           Labour Law
Jordan            Labour Code
Lebanon            Labour Law
Nigeria            Labour Act
Uganda             Employment Act
Kenya             Ministry of Labour
Ghana            Labour Act
South Africa           Department of Labour


Afghanistan     Labour Code
China          Labour Law
India           Labour and Employment Labour
South Korea      Standards Act
Philippines        Labor and Employment
Palau          Labor Code
Australia         Employment and Workplace
New Zealand       Employment Law

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