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ASL was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1989 as a Management Consulting company focused on Information Technology. Numerous HR software development projects led to the creation of one of Canada’s first fully-integrated Human Resources Information Systems for the PC.

Since 1989 ASL has continued to expand the scope of its development efforts. In 1991, the company released a revolutionary, fully-integrated MS-DOS based HRIS for the IBM PC and Compatibles. Within one year of the release of this product, ASL had one of the largest customer bases of any HR Software or consulting company in Canada. The success of this release was followed closely in late 1992 by the release of a fully-integrated, Client/Server HRIS for Microsoft Windows v3.1 – a Canadian First. The product received rave reviews at the 1993 HRPAO Conference & Trade Show held in Toronto. In 1995, ASL opened its offices in the UK to serve clients in the UK and Europe. At SoftWorld 1996 in London, ASL UK demonstrated one of the most feature-packed solutions at the Tradeshow and garnered partnership requests from major payroll providers in England, Scotland and Wales. By 1997 HR technology was beginning to migrate from Client/Server to Web-based platforms.

ASL decided that in order to stay ahead of its competitors it would move to developing solutions for use via the Internet. The result has been a resounding success and our current suite of .NET-based solutions continue to build upon the rich legacy of our market-leading software solutions for HR.

Today the company sells, implements and supports it’s Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Suite of best-of-breed software applications for medium-sized and large organizations globally. HRMS Solutions that Integrate the Enterprise regardless of size. Our strength as an organization is rooted in our knowledge of Human Resources and our unique group-based, team approach, which facilitates excellence at every level including management and technical as well as innovation in our products and services. We are committed to 100% client satisfaction and maintaining our position as a global leader in the provision of Human Resources Information Technology solutions. Our clients value our approach and commitment to excellence and range in size from small and mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 corporations.

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ASL provides Human Resources Software, Professional Services and Managed Outsourced Solutions for large and medium-sized organizations requiring a level of complexity and sophistication in HR beyond what is available from payroll providers with an HR offering. Our core competencies are in HR technology, processes, management, best practices and compliance. We have provided these solutions to organizations in industries ranging from Airlines to Utilities.

Our vision is to provide Tier 1 Technology, Tier 2 Costs. Our flexible, comprehensive, pure Internet Technology enables companies to deploy rich HR technology faster, easier and at significantly lower costs when compared to software provided by some of the world’s largest ERP vendors. In fact, out of the box our HR Solutions include more than twice the functionality and 10 times the efficiency of competitive offerings. With this data, it is easy to see why ASL provides superior Return on Investment and one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry.

Our strategy is effective and straightforward – to provide clients with best-of-breed” solutions for their business needs. These solutions include information technology products for Human Capital Management together with guidance and advice to ensure timely project success. Simply put, we offer systems and professional services that provide our clients with unmatched flexibility to optimize the use of their own corporate resources. Using this approach, clients can easily integrate areas of their businesses that were previously separated by business activity, geographical distance and technological know-how.


Welcome to our company. Since 1989 our success in becoming one of the leading providers of Human Resources Information Technology and Professional Services has been a direct result of our valued customers, business partners and dedicated employees.

Our approach has remained consistent even as the business climate globally has become more difficult. We continue to do what we say and, in so doing, enable great customer experiences.

The world has seen many technological changes in how we connect commercially and socially especially in the last decade. We have taken the steps necessary to not only move with this change but to participate in its leadership by supporting new and emerging platforms such as cloud-based and mobile computing in the management of Human Capital. We will continue to connect people with technology.

For more information about our Hosting Services, please contact us by phone: 1-800-463-6275.

Community Support

ASL believes that active community participation is a key part of being a good corporate citizen. To that end, our support for various causes are driven by community need as well as directed by our employees.
Charitable Donations

Our program of employee-directed annual cash donations to Charitable Organizations provides a rotating basis for support of various worthy Organizations.

Not-For-Profit Program

Our Not-For-Profit Program allows us to support Organizations that provide a service or product in return for donations or those that hold annual events.

Co-op Education

ASL has supported Co-op Education in Canada for many years by providing new Canadians and others new to the workforce with valuable work experience.

Support For HR Education

Our support for continuing education for HR students and Professionals alike is a key part of our commitment to the field of HR.

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