Technology has provided HR with the tools to reduce the time they have to spend on administrative tasks and allows them to focus on tasks requiring more hands-on and strategic attention. New technologies have significantly improved efficiency and accuracy of everyday tasks in HR. ASL’s use of open, scalable, industry-standard technology ensures that your investment in our solutions is preserved as Operating Systems, Environments and Platforms change. Ease of deployment, interoperability, customization, migration and support are also facilitated.

ASL Technology


Our strategy is to migrate with industry standards for Open Systems and computing as the foundation of all product offerings. To this end, we adhere to standards from organizations such as ISO, ANSI, W3C, HR-XML consortium and other new and emerging standards from groups such as the IEEE.

Integration Architecture

ASL’s Integration Architecture is based on our wide acceptance of existing and emerging standards such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML), XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Providing RESTful APIs means that certified third-party vendors can easily integrate with our solutions. Our pre-configured API is ready “out-of-the-box” for both inbound and outbound integration.


One of the most crucial concerns facing business today is how to proactively secure business systems vital to organizational continuity in the face of increasingly complex cyber-attacks. Our datacenters are equipped with intrusion detection systems installed within the data layer to monitor, detect, and automatically alert appropriate personnel of security incidents. Our systems use a sophisticated role-based security model. All access to system components is role/permission based and we enable a robust, multi-level, scalable, security system for public and private cloud platforms.

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